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Frequently asked questions

How do I listen to Joyful FM?

You can isten from your computer or mobile device. To listen just click the play button on the flash player. To stop it just click the stop button on the player. You can also download the Joyful FM app free from all mobile stores to listen from your mobile device. Download for Android Download for IOs Download APK for Android (13.9MB)

How can I become a member of the Joyful FM community?

Yes you can become a member of our site's community! Just go to the website menu and click Members then sign up. Each member gets their own profile page which they can customize. Members will be able to follow each other, comment on our blog posts and even contribute content to our blog if they are chosen by the admins.

What are the listening options if the stream on this site is not playing well?

Firstly, reloading the page will solve the problem of a repeating , redundant stream. There are plenty of listening options should our website be down or the stream not playing perfectly. Just visit our Bio page and you will see a list of partner sites where you can tune in to Joyful fM from. Just click any you want and you'll be able to listen to your favorite station.

How do I submit music for airplay if I am a Christian artist?

Joyful FM aims to promote upcoming Christian artists. Just head over to our Contact page and get the email address for music submission. Send it as an mp3 and no links to Soundcloud or Dropbox are allowed. Make sure your music is properly tagged with Artist name and Title of the song. If your music is available on Itunes or any other digital stores send us the links as well. A cover image (album art) may be required as well.

How can I contribute to Joyful FM if I am interested in Christian broadcasting?

If you are a broadcaster, podcaster, content creator or simply interested in becoming one you can contact us and send us demos or drafts of what you want to contribute with. I would be an honor to have you serve god with us.

I want to advertise on Joyful FM. What are the requirements or rates?

Contact us for more details

I'm a Christian blogger and I'd love to contribute to Joyful FM's blogs. How do I go about it?

Just go the Members page, sign up and notify the admins that you want to be a blog contributer.

I want to become a Joyful FM ministry partner. How do I go about it?

Joyful FM is a non profit radio ministry and your help will go a long way in ensuring that we stay on air, reach more people and expand. You can become a ministry partner by becoming one of our blessed financial pillars. Any donation will do and you can choose it to do it monthly if you wish. Just click on the donate button on this page

have more questions?

contact us!