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If you haven’t noticed yet, we do things different around here. 


getting it right  is our jam

At Vocare Hair Studio, we believe in getting it right the first time. In order for us to deliver amazing results, we must take time to cultivate deep relationships with our clients in and out of the salon. Our intimate salon environment was created to coach clients through their hair journey and gradually educate them about their hair. This gives us ample time to guide you through our holistic approach and a guide you with a custom hair plan that is directed to your needs and desires.


what  to  expect  during  your  first  visit:

The coaching Session:

Our initial coaching session & assessment will allow us to better understand your hair. This way we can build goals and discuss what is truly achievable based on the current state of your hair.

Care for your hair & scalp

It’s important for us to document scalp abnormalities and allergies during our time together. We strive to do things right the first time. Testing the hair strand helps us better understand your hair history. No one likes surprises and this important procedure will help us navigate through any potential obstacles with ease. You will leave with excitement about your hair goals and take home  products that will help you achieve your best hair yet.

it  takes  time  for amazing  relationships  &  hair  to  grow... 


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