3 Most Effective Ways To Combat An Oily Scalp

Many people struggle to control the overproduction of oil and at times can't seem to find relief. While there are many contributing factors that play a role in this such as hormones, diet, & genetics. There are 3 simple ways to help minimize & improve the quality of your sebum.

Pre-cleanse With A Oil

Are you washing your hair frequently? This could be contributing to your over production of oil. When we shampoo often we can strip the scalp of its natural moisture barrier. When the natural microbiome of the scalp is disrupted it can cause the oil glands to overproduce sebum. It does this to try and re-balance the scalps delicate moisture barrier. Oils are a great tool to utilize as they help calm over productive oil glands and give you some relief when used consistently. We love using Hui Hui oils as they contain all of the essential oils required to help you gain results.

Blow Dry Scalp and Roots

Are you air drying your hair? When we brush the hair wet and allow it to dry close to the scalp it allows the natural oils to cling to the hair more easily and quickly. By blow drying the roots away from the scalp we allow the hair to more upright from the scalp preventing the oils from weighing the hair down. If you are someone who gets greasy within 24hrs this is a great tip for you to try.

Rinse With Cold Water

Rinsing with cold water helps tighten the pores and ensures that the scalp remains cleaner for longer as it makes it less vulnerable to grease, oil and dirt. Cold water also helps control breakage, frizz and pesky flyaways, which is important for those with curly or thin hair.

We hope that you try these simple yet effective tips to help banish your oily hair woes!

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