3 Ways to Show your Locks Some Love

Do you feel that you have all the right products yet you seem to be battling frizz, breakage, and dryness ?

Many clients think that their hair care routine is on point yet it still may be missing the little extras your hair needs to feel more shine , volume, hydration , and strength.

This month we wanted to give you a few extra tips and tricks that will help your hair receive the extra love and attention it needs.

1. Clarify Those Luscious Locks

Does your hair look dull, lack shine , and your treatments just don't seem to work ?

This could be the result of cosmetic weight.

Cosmetic Weight is a build up on the hair created by products . This build-up can inhibit the efficacy of treatments, create a lack of shine, prevent spreading out hair washes , and for fine hair types cause breakage.

Now I'm sure you can see why periodically it is important to remove this build up to help create the hair of your dreams. We believe that it is important to have a superior clarifying system to gently remove this build up as no two products are created equal.

We love clarifying our clients hair in combination with other treatments that help support hair health, shine, and volume. If you are a someone who uses a lot of product throughout the week we recommend clarifying once a week to gain the best results and prevent build-up.

Clarifying treatments can be done at home for maintenance or in professional strength at the studio for a deep cleanse.

2. Hair Booster Treatment

This amazing treatment is versatile , effective and does not create build-up on the hair.

We follow our clarifying treatments with the booster to help maximise your results and protect hair from the elements.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using Hair Booster

  • Natural silk amino acid/enzyme complex thickens hair 33%, helping fine hair reach its full potential

  • Gets deep into the cortex to work its magic without coating the hair

  • Contains Panthenol and a sea kelp conditioning system to maintain hair’s moisture balance

  • Makes a superior blow wave or set lotion

  • Add into colour, or hair masque use as a deep conditioner

3. Grab a T-Shirt

Did you know that how you dry your hair could be leading to frizz and damage to the hair cuticle ?

The downfalls of using a towel:

100% Cotton.

This is wonderful to wick away moisture ,however when used on hair it greatly disrupts it's moisture balance.

Rough texture.

The texture of a towel can pick up hair and create frizz. The smoother the surface the better in reducing breakage and frizz.

The magic of a T-shirt is real.

It efficiently wicks away moisture ,all while preventing over-drying, and reduces friction on the hair.

When using a t-shirt it is also important to note that how we dry the hair is just as important .

Be sure to always pat the hair or gently squeeze the ends. Do not rough up the hair or disturb the hair too much. Allow your drying tool to do the work for you. Fluffing , tossing and being rough with your hair will only cause more frizz.

When you are gentle with your hair it will always love you back ..

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