Elixirs - Potions For Beauty

Elixirs are a playful way to fuel your beauty from the inside out. They allow you to add beauty fuelling herbs, teas, super-foods seamlessly into your everyday life.

What exactly are Elixirs?

Elixirs are nutrient rich drinks to help encourage and enhance your well-being.

When creating elixirs always start with a tea base and build upon it. Yes your morning coffee,tea, or smoothie can be effortlessly turned into a beauty fuelling elixir by adding herbal extracts.

How do I make an Elixir?

When creating your elixir you want to use the following combination of ingredients:

  • Medicinal Mushrooms or Herbal Teas - Nettle, Ginseng, Chai tea

  • Healthy Fats- coconut butter, ghee,milks

  • Herbal Extracts- Nettle, Turmeric

  • Sweetener- Stevia, Honey, agave

When creating and blending ingredients think about the following:

  • Flavour- Do the flavours complement each other? What flavours are you into?

  • Function- Are you wanting to encourage hair growth? or prevent hair loss?

  • Feeling- Do you want to feel calm? or Focused?

Once you have picked your key ingredients all you have to do is mix,blend,stir and enjoy!

Why should you consider Elixirs?

The industrialization of food has created conveniences but this convenience has also cost us the nutritional value of our food. Within three days of your fruit or veggies being harvested they can lose up to 30% of their nutritional value. With the shipping of product it makes me wonder how much nutritional value is left in our fresh foods?

No wonder we require supplements and vitamins!

Our hair, skin, and nails require us to be in optimal health to create the luscious locks and beauty results we are longing for. Many of us we just aren't seeing results because we are eating empty foods that do not contain high enough amounts of the nutrients and minerals we require to fuel our beauty.

When we start diversifying our diets,shopping locally, and adding more nutrient rich foods that have been around for centuries we can begin to see change from the inside out.

Lets Keep it Simple

We love the potions from the Gut Lab to help take the guess work and research out of elixirs for our clients. These unique blends can be added to your coffee,smoothies or teas to start seeing the benefits of elixirs without the confusion. Once you get more experienced feel free to begin mixing your own blends or blending some of the gut lab products together.

What we are using right now?

Medicinal mushroom blends are amazing for supporting hair growth, scalp health and all over well-being.

We have been using the shroom5 from the gut lab to support hair growth and easily mix it into our coffee on the go.

The shroom5 contains

  • Chaga- Prevents the hair from becoming brittle

  • Reishi- Contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, and other properties that can help improve the condition of your scalp. It is also a DHT blocker and prevents hormonal hair loss

  • Lion's Mane- Helps reduce oxidative stress and effects of ageing IE. grey hair

  • Tremella- Amazing for scalp health. Contains vitamin D which helps stimulate the hair follicle

  • Cordyceps- Contains essential amino acids, vitamins like B1, B2, B12 and K which supports hair health and growth.


Use this basic recipe to fuel your hair health. We love adding these ingredients to our morning coffee!

Get creative!

We hope this information inspires you to source and incorporate more nutrient rich food into your diet.

Don't forget to play around and be curious about these beauty fuelling herbs, mushrooms, and super-foods. Your hair will thank you!

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