Hair Coaching

About Vocares Unique Salon Approach:

We do things a bit differently here

Vocare Hair Studio was created to provide hair nerds like you with a unique and intimate salon environment. We want our clients to feel empowered to express their hair goals, dreams and desires in this space.  In order to do this we believed a new approach to hair and the salon process was needed!

Hair Coaching was born

In order for clients to feel safe and heard, we decided to create a system similar to coaching.

During this process we spend the necessary time to build goals and a relationship to better understand the individual as a whole.

Holistic approach

Our holistic hair plan is based on their routine , personality, work, lifestyle, overall health, and willingness to learn. This approach helps clients remove the emotional attachment they may have about their hair or beauty routine and see their goals more clearly.

When the client looks more logically at their goals we are able to achieve ultimate hair happiness. As we walk them through this journey they begin to gain more confidence as to what exactly their dream hair looks like but also the necessary steps to achieving it.

Clarity is a requirement when building goals for all parts of life so aren’t we doing it for our hair as well?

As we walk through these steps with clients it becomes a fun and interactive way to gaining amazing results. Building a solid foundation on trust, communication, and clarity with your service provider is the key to the results you’re looking for.

It takes time for amazing relationships and hair to grow

Our customized plan of action may take time but we record it to hold both of us accountable to your journey.It also allows us to reflect on past appointments to ensure that as you experiment and evolve we can stay true to your vision.

So are you ready for a hair coach or what !? 

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