Hair Training- Learn To Wash Less And Love Your Hair More

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Washing your hair everyday can be counter productive to your hair goals. It seems the one thing we avoid is the one thing our hair and scalp truly needs to thrive... SEBUM.

When we constantly shampoo our hair we are stripping away the scalps natural moisture barrier creating scalp issues that overtime leads to dry, brittle hair and slowed growth.

Sebum And Its Benefits

  • Protects your skin from infections and bacteria

  • Regulates the PH of the scalp

  • Provides hydration for scalp and hair

  • Prevents breakage caused by friction

  • Reduces inflammation

The more we learn to work with our natural oils through hair training and sebum coating we can finally see our hair's true potential.

What is Hair Training?

Hair training is learning to work with the scalps natural sebum. This allows you to train the scalp to produce less oil and learn to regulate itself again.

When we remove sebum from the scalp with constant washing we are over stimulating the sebaceous glands telling it to produce more oil. This us why when you begin hair training it is important to be patient and trust the process as initially you will feel more oily.

How Does Training My Scalp Work?

As we begin the process of strategically washing less we may feel oily, this is why we use a combination of techniques such as sebum coating to promote growth and scalp health.

Training begins the process of weening yourself off of cleansing the scalp and allows the scalp to begin regulating itself. Overtime you will be less oily with hair that will feel healthier, longer and stronger !

Sebum Coating

This allows you to utilize your natural oil as a treatment for your locks. Brushing your oils away from the scalp with a boar bristle brush will cleanse the scalp from build-up and allow your ends to feel moisturized. Using silk wraps will also minimize oil production and will allow your hair to reap the benefits of your natural oils by cocooning the hair closer to the scalp.

Creating a new routine - the basics

Creating a better routine is essential yet only the beginning to creating the hair of your dreams.

I want to help you get started by sharing my favourite methods of hair training for FREE!

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Want More?

I created a online course to help women see long lasting results with very simple and practical steps.

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