Infuse More Self Love Into Your Hair Rituals

Our hair has a great impact on our confidence and sense of self. Have you ever experience a bad hair day? When you think back to that past experience you clearly see how connected our hair is to how we feel about ourselves.

Whether we are struggling to part with our luscious locks or looking to chop them off, our decision is very much connected to our self worth at that moment. Believe it or not hair is a symbol-when you make a big change it’s a powerful way to assert control and alter how the world sees you. In many cultures hair has a spiritual significance and is a symbol of physical strength and fertility.

In our society many of us rush around looking to complete the next thing on our to-do list and how we care for ourselves changes. We can easily disconnect from our daily self-care routine by creating habits that can quickly become a chore. When this occurs we lose the potential for a powerful self love practice.

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret of happiness."

What Is Self Love?

Self love is ultimately a humble practice of learning to love yourself. The reality is no one is perfect, but when we open our hearts to love we learn to have compassion for our faults and embrace what makes us unique. When we have acceptance,compassion, and begin to put our needs first we are choosing to cultivate self love. Grounding in this practice will allow you to feel at peace throughout your life as your unique beauty changes.

How You Can Incorporate Self Love Into Hair Rituals:

Create Hair Rituals With Intention.

Many find it helpful to create a ritual schedule that works for their lifestyle. This allows them to purposefully carve out time so that they can be more present during their practices.Whether it be doing a hair treatment, brushing your hair, or simply applying a product take a moment to breathe and enjoy the moment. When we slow down and do something with intention we become more present and enjoy the experience. It's not just another thing that you're squeezing into your day but rather creating space to enjoy reconnecting with yourself. It's time to stop taking your luscious locks for granted and shower them with gratitude.

Brush & Unwind

Take time in a quiet space and brush with intention. Massaging the scalp purposefully will help move your natural oils from your scalp to the ends and act as a treatment. Stimulating your scalp in this way has many benefits such as strengthening the follicle, increasing blow flow, preventing hair loss, increasing growth, and releasing tension. Allowing yourself space to unwind, relax, and de-tangle from the day acts as a form of meditation. As you brush any hair that falls out is a reminder to let go of the things that no longer serve you. What is one thing you are going to let go of today?

Make Your Wash Days A Spa Day

If you are someone who washes one- two times a week why not make your cleansing ritual a little more fun. Put on your favourite tunes, light a candle, run a bath and do whatever you feel called to do to help yourself enjoy the process. Carve out time to purposefully cleanse, treat, exfoliate, and style the hair.

Hair Positivity -"Talk to yourself like someone you love"

All too often we gaze into the mirror looking at ourselves with judgement instead of love. Looking and pointing out what we lack and using negative language. Saying things like my hair is broken, and frizzy -instead of my hair is healing or my hair has texture can create negativity that flows into the rest of our lives. This overtime will negatively impact how we feel about ourselves. When you gaze into the mirror be sure to talk to yourself like someone you love. Point out one thing you see that makes you happy or lights you up.

Guided Meditations

I love turning on a self-love guided meditation while getting ready for bed, waiting for my treatments to finish,and while I brush my hair. This helps me slow down and tune into the present moment. Doing this creates more enjoyment and allows built up stress from the day melt away. I use the app insight timer on my phone to quickly pick a practice I have time for.

Scalp Massage

Release tension and connect with your body. Taking even 5 minutes can have profound benefits for hair growth and for you as a individual. The scalp is easily neglected but is the source for beautiful and healthy hair. It not only feels great but it also wields profound benefits especially when combined with aromatherapy and scalp oils. So don't be afraid to do more of what makes you feel good! If turning on your diffuser or massaging in our favourite Hui Hui scalp oil makes you feel good then add this to your list. If this is something you haven't tried yet we promise you'll love it.

We hope you enjoyed our simple hair care and self love practices. Which one are you going to try?!

Let us know in the comments.

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