Meditate Your Way To Luscious Locks

Cultivating a mindfulness practice can not only make you feel great but it can impact your beauty as well. As we dug deeper into the feel good benefits of meditation it was a no brainer to bring it into the salon environment.

"When you feel good you look good"

In a typical salon environment where instant gratification is the sole focus I always felt there was a" feel good" element missing. Just because someone looks great doesn't meant they will feel great! As I slowly moved towards a holistic approach I realized infusing these "feel good" moments into the studio was exactly what my clients needed. While clients process with their colour instead of grabbing their phones or reading the latest gossip they can take a moment to reconnect with themselves. How great is that?!

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique used to create a more mindful life. It can be guided, focusing on your breath or physical body to help you reduce stress and reconnect with yourself. I have created a custom guided Meditation with Sam Kirouac to help empower my clients to reconnect with themselves and experience another form of self care. Meditation can be done anywhere and is simple enough for everyone to enjoy.

How Meditation Benefits Your Hair

  • Reduces Stress - Promotes Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Loss

Meditation studies show a significant positive impact on our endocrine systems. Meditation is effective for lowering levels of the stress-response hormone cortisol. In one study, after spending just four days practicing mindfulness meditation, the average participant’s level of cortisol had dropped by 20%.

  • Meditation Increases Circulation to Your Head.

The better the blood flow in our heads, necks and faces, the better our skin and hair will appear. Improved circulation will carry higher levels of oxygen through our bloodstream to nourish our skin and hair cells. When circulation is strong, it is more capable of flushing cellular debris and ridding wastes from our bodies. One study showed that practicing meditation for 30 minutes a day for 5 days significantly increased cerebral blood flow in the left frontal lobes of participants.

  • Improved Breathing Will Assist The Release Of Toxins

Our bodies rid themselves of toxins in four ways: breathing, sweating, urination and defecation.

Meditation improves our awareness of our own breath and slows down the rate at which we breathe, leading to deeper breaths. Slower breath rate leads to increased discharge of wastes through the respiratory cycle. Relieving the body of toxins helps reduce your toxic load. When your toxic load is reduced the body can better focus where its resources go. Typically when our bodies are stressed our hair is the last place the body focuses on. Better assisting the removal of toxins will definitely hope your locks grow.

Less Judgement - More Love

The biggest takeaway from a meditation practice is to stop being so hard on yourself – quite possibly when you love on yourself , your luscious locks will follow. Every meditation will be different and every person’s experience will be different. Don’t compare or expect anything, just drop in give it a try and notice what happens in your life as a result. I hope you found this interesting.

Are you going to give meditation in the salon a try?

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