Our Top 6 Ways To Transform Your Hair

Updated: May 15, 2021

We all want our hair to look and feel its best. In order to achieve healthy hair we need to cultivate simple and consistent rituals to start making serious hair gains.

Our 5 simple steps will help you create your healthiest hair yet!

Girl Cut Your Hair!

This rule is pretty simple but it seems to be the hardest for clients to commit to. In order to prevent split ends and breakage we simply need to cut off the dead weight that is no longer serving you. Not only will your hair look better but it will also prevent frizz and create effortless manageability. If you stick to small appointments less length will need to be removed and we can nip split ends in the butt before they become a problem. What your salon visits should look like - Split end removal every 8 weeks. Cut and shape every 12-24 weeks.

Stimulate The Scalp

My favourite way to stimulate the scalp is through brushing! Stimulating the scalp will help increase blood flow to the follicle which will extend the hairs' life cycle, increase follicle retention, increase growth, and reduce shedding. Brush your dry hair before you shower using a boar bristle brush with nylon bristles. This will remove any stray hair and will gently exfoliate the scalp. Not only should you brush before you shower but morning and night as well. You may also use a scalp brush in the shower to help cleanse and gently stimulate the scalp. For an added bonus flip upside and brush to encourage increased blood flow to the area.

Ditch Your Old Shampoo & Conditioner

Read your product labels! Ensure that you are using good quality products that DO NOT contain Silicone, Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Waxes, Sulfates, Propylene glycol,Retinyl Palmitate, DEA and TEA. These ingredients are drying, harsh and can leave build-up on the scalp and hair inhibiting growth. It's important not only for your hair health but your overall well-being to make better product choices. Trust me your hair will thank you.

At Home Treatments

We get busy with life and forget about this simple add on to help revive the hair. I always add on some sort of treatment for my hair 1x a week and 2-3x a week for my scalp. The more chemically processed your hair is the more you may want to use at home treatments.

Favourite Scalp Treatment- Hui Hui Scalp oil (or any scalp oil)

Apply my favourite Hui Hui oil 8-12hrs before( bedtime) shampoo. It will help remove build-up, ease scalp irritation, promote growth and so much more!

Hair Treatments

Dry Hair - Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask -1x a week

Chemically Processed- Virtue Resortaive mask- 1x-2x a week

Fermented Rice Water - Click here for my recipe 1x a month

Protective Styles

Before you hit the hay and rest for the evening be sure you are wearing a protective style. Protective styles include braids, loose bun, low ponytail. These styles will help reduce friction on the hair and will protect your fragile ends. If you wanted to go a step further you could use silk hair ties and hair wraps to fully encase the hair. This will no doubt protect the hair, make morning restyling easier, reduce frizz and dryness.

Be Gentle

It's so important to take time with your hair and be gentle. The hair is a delicate fabric and should be treated as such. Think about your hair like silk. It has special care instructions such as do not use iron and harsh detergents, hang to dry. Think about your hair the same way. Here are a few ways you can be more gentle on your hair.

  1. Use a wooden brush on dry hair -avoid plastic

  2. Gently De-tangle from ends up. Section hair into smaller sections if needed

  3. Avoid hot tools

  4. Use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to dry hair. Pat hair do not rough up

  5. Apply hair serum or oil to your ends before attempting to de-tangle

I hope you have found our top 5 ways helpful! To purchase any of the products listed please click here!

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