Our Top Ways to get rid of static, frizz and dry hair.

Winter is here again!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for static, frizz, and dry hair!

We have put together some very simple ways to reduce your hair’s winter woes.

What causes these seasonal hair problems to happen?

The colder temperatures, lack of moisture in the air, heated indoor environments and the friction from your toques all play a part in creating these common issues. We have bad news for our fine haired Botanical Babes as you are more prone to having these bad hair day issues.

Static Vs Frizz

What creates Static!?

Static electricity is created when there is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in objects. When two materials are in contact, electrons move from one material to the other. This friction between the two objects leaves an excess of positive charge on one material, and an equal negative charge on the other.

How does this apply to my hair!?

When friction is applied to the hair it creates a build-up of electrons on the hair strands. Your luscious locks begin to stand on end because they all have the same charge thus, they try to get away from one another to gain the oppositely charged electron. When we wear toques, synthetic fibres, and wool they rub on our hair creating static.

What creates Frizz?!

Frizz occurs when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands. When the cuticle layer is dry and raised it is literally trying to grab moisture from the air. As a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy instead of smooth and defined.

  • Your hair can become dehydrated and frizzy for the following reasons:

  • You aren’t drinking enough water

  • You are not sleeping with satin or silk accessories and your hair is rubbing against drying materials such as cotton.

  • The oil your scalp naturally secretes is not making it down the strands of your hair

  • You are not deep conditioning often enough, or with the right types of products

  • Your shampoo is drying your hair.

  • Medications you are taking are causing changes in your body that affect your hair IE: thyroid or chemotherapy drugs

How are static and Frizz similar?

Both static and frizz hang around due to dry hair. How we combat static and frizz is the same. Simply add moisture!

Top 4 ways to add moisture:

1. Treatments

Using a hair masque or treatment once a week will greatly decrease your dry hair woes. It will deeply nourish and lightly coat the cuticle to help it lay flat and smooth. This should already be a part of your hair regime if you frequent the salon. Our two favourite masques to replenish moisture is the Innersense hydrating hair masque and the Virtue Restorative treatment.

2. Serums or Oils

Serums are our favourite thing to keep handy in our handbags to quickly tame the mane.

Serums leave a lighter coating on the hair and penetrate the cuticle more to help maintain moisture balance. If a serum isn't enough a hair oil rich in fatty acids such as avocado oil or tamanu oil is a great but heavier alternative. We absolutely love to travel with our Virtue Split end serum for convenience and at home have on hand the Harmonic Healing oil from Innersense. You can apply both products to wet and dry hair.

3. Leave-in Conditioners

A leave-in will help hydrate those dry ends and smooth the hair cuticle. It's a very important product to apply before blow-drying the hair to help reduce the loss of natural moisture and prevent damage. It will also protect your hair and its colour from the harsh UV rays. We believe it’s a beauty must have for all clients. Our leave-ins can be doubled as a serum and applied to both wet and dry hair. Who doesn't love versatility!? Our personal favourites are the In Common leave in and the Innersense Sweet Spirit leave -in.

4. Humidifier

Don’t want to bother with another hair product? Add moisture to the air at work or at home.

Humidifiers are best for large spaces and it’s even better if you have it built into your home furnace. If you don’t have that luxury a simple way to do this in any space like our studio is by using a diffuser. Diffusing has many health benefits one important one is adding moisture to the air.

What to avoid:

Over-Washing your Hair

Throw away the Idea you must wash your hair every day. Use a dry shampoo to extend your wash days and save your hair. Train your hair by adding one more dirty hair day every two weeks. This will help your natural oils to balance out and allow you to extend your washes. We dare you to keep adding dirty hair days until you cannot anymore. Trust us your luscious locks will thank you!

Plastic Combs or Brushes

Do not use your plastic bristle brush or comb on dry hair. Plastic is a great insulator and therefore will continue to make your static hair worse. opt for a natural bristle brush to help distribute your natural oils and reduce static.

Drying Products

Avoid drying products like hairspray that are high in alcohol. These products are ok to be used on occasion however used frequently they will dry the hair fibre out and contribute to create dry unmanageable hair.

Cotton Pillowcase

Cotton is a very drying fabric. Avoid the friction and drying properties from your cotton pillowcase by covering the hair with a silk wrap, or scarf. You can also switch out your cotton pillowcase for silk. Silk is also great for preventing wrinkles and dry skin!


We can’t always avoid them so a little trick we use to prevent hat head is covering the hair with a satin scarf before putting on your toque. The silk will help maintain the moisture balance and reduce friction. It’s the best way to stay warm and avoid hat head.

Heat Styling

Limit your heat styling. Curling and flat ironing even while using a heat protectant can wreak havoc on your hair. Find unique ways to pin up or braid the hair to stretch out washes. Doing this your hair still look great, and it will help to minimize dryness.

What tools or things you can add to your arsenal!?

Silke London Hair Wrap

Our clients love these wraps that are Inspired by the time-tested tradition of wrapping hair.

  • Silke developed these ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable 100% silk hair wrap for all women, of all hair types, to protect your precious locks against this nightly damage; strengthening, lengthening, thickening and permanently transforming your tresses ... all while you sleep. It’s a game changer and you can find them on our online store to help tame your mane.

Boar Bristle Brush

Top reasons why we love boar bristle brushes

  • Boar bristles spreads your scalp’s natural oils (it’s called sebum)

  • Does not let your hair get dirty, greasy or look wet

  • It gives hair strength, suppleness, and a healthy sheen

  • Prevents hair from falling out (most common issue with new moms)

  • Boar bristle brushes can detangle every hair type, even the most stubborn ones

  • Gets rid of static electricity in your hair

  • Boar bristle brushes are 100% natural & chemical free

  • Ionic Blow Dryer

Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules. Negative ions don’t open up the hair shafts, so the hair remains smooth and sleek.

Here are the benefits of ionic dryers:

  • The definition of curl and body is preserved.

  • Your hair dries faster.

  • You'll see far less frizz

Clarifying treatment

While trying to combat frizz the products we use will over time create build up on the hair. This build up known as cosmetic weight if never removed can cause damage to the hair cuticle, leading to breakage, dryness, frizz, lack of shine and so much more.

We offer in salon clarifying treatments and shampoos to help remove this build up periodically.

Little tips and tricks

Spritz water

When out and about spritz water to help hydrate the hair and temporarily combat frizz

Hand cream

Most women during the winter have hand cream handy. If you have nothing else handy apply your hand cream to your hands and allow the residual product to be applied to the hair. It will coat the hair enough to combat the frizz.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are great to pack in your handbag for when you are out and about. Tame and smooth frizz in seconds by gently rubbing the dryer sheet on your hair. Say goodbye to frizz and static!

We hope these tips and tricks help you better understand what causes frizz and how to reduce it!

When in doubt, tie up those luscious locks into your favourite top knot, braid or low bun to reduce friction and minimize frizz. What are your favourite ways to beat static and frizz?

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