The 3 E's Of Beauty

So many clients struggle with change. We all waiver on whether or not we should or shouldn't' try a new look. However it's important to remember that stepping out and trying something new is the only way to better understand what enhances your own unique beauty.

We believe the 3 E's of beauty are essentials steps towards ultimate hair happiness.


Experimentation allows our assumptions to be validated or proven false. Many times when it comes to how we perceive ourselves our assumptions are typically way off base. Not everyone can visualize how they will look with their new change. This is why experimentation is essential to the hair journey. It is an exciting learning phase that can help us better understand what makes us look and feel beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to try new looks ..get playful! Try to change your mindset around physical change.

What are your limiting beliefs? How can you ease yourself into this new expression of your beauty?

Remember the only way you will learn what feels right for you is through experimentation.



You'll grow beautifully in your own way. - Dhiman

As you're experimenting your look will evolve! Hair is an expression of your own unique beauty at different times of your life. If we looked the same from year to year how boring would that be?! Many of us can become rigid holding onto an image in our head of how we should look. What if we loosened our grip and allowed space for change and expansion? What if your next change is your best look yet? What if your next look allows your to fully express your unique flair?

Not only is evolution essential as a human being it can also help you better understand your likes and dislikes. This allows us to feel more confident as we work towards ultimate hair happiness.



Opinion Matters surveyed 1,024 women regarding their appearance and 68% of women stated that a “bad hair day” caused a decrease in confidence and impeded their work performance.

We have to remember our self worth isn't determined by our aesthetic. I know, easier said then done! However the more playful we can be with our beauty routine and hair the more confident we will feel about our appearance. Overtime by implementing experimentation and evolution we know that you will gain more excitement to express yourself through your luscious locks- free of judgement .

So ...are you ready to embrace your unique hair journey or what !?

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