The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Exfoliating your scalp is an essential part of maintaining optimal function and health of this delicate microbiome. Just like the skin on our face the scalp can accumulate build-up that overtime needs to be disrupted to help the skin receive proper hydration and nutrition.

We wanted to outline some amazing tools and tips to help you get started with this overlooked form of self care.

Benefits Of Dry Brushing The Scalp

Deeply Cleanses & Exfoliates

When you dry brush your scalp you are eliminating or exfoliating all the waste materials from your hair like uric acid crystals,dandruff, sebum and other impurities which can stick to the scalp overtime. When we disrupt this "build-up" we allow the scalp to be less burdened which improves the overall quality of the skin and hair follicle.

Strengthens Hair

When we brush our scalp with the proper tools it can help redistribute our natural sebum to help protect and hydrate your luscious locks. Sebum coating the hair will help restore lost moisture,add sheen, and help smooth the hair cuticle. This will overtime improve hair health and prevent split ends and frizz. With regular practice with these techniques your hair will be smooth and soft.

Prevents Hair Loss

When we stimulate the scalp you are stimulating a network of capillaries that help increase blood flow. Lack of blood flow to this area is a major reason for many hair loss issues. When we help encourage flow on the scalp we help nutrients and oils flow evenly and more efficiency over the scalp. This also helps prevent excessive shedding and aiding in follicle retention.

Removal Of Toxins

When we remove the build-up on our scalp we not only stimulate blood flow we also open up any clogged pores allowing the body to easily remove more toxins through sweat. This helps the lymphatic system to work optimally which in turn reduces your toxic load.


Stress induced hair loss is more common than you think! When we take a moment to breathe and reconnect with our bodies the simple act of brushing can help relax you and relieve stress. To make the most of this practice take a few moments in a quiet room to unwind and release tension.

What Brush Should I Use?

Every brush has a unique purpose and should be used at the proper times for you to see the full benefits of dry brushing.

Here is a list of our favourite tools to help perform this ritual.

Boar Bristle & Nylon Combo

It is important to use a boar bristle brush as it helps gently exfoliate the scalp while moving your natural oils down the hair. This will add moisture, strength and hydration to your luscious locks. The nylon will help detangle, exfoliate and allow the brush to move effortlessly through all hair types.

Tangle Teezer

This amazing brush can be used on wet and dry. It does not help move your oils but it is a great brush to detangle and stimulate the scalp with its gentle bristles.

Scalp Massager

This is one of my new favourites as it is a versatile and relaxing tool. It can be used in the shower to help distribute your shampoo and help lift off oil and debris. It can also be used to release tension on the scalp when used on dry hair. Its also lovely to help detangle in the shower once your conditioner is applied.

The Dry Brushing Ritual

This ritual can be done 2-3 times a week. This is a deep exfoliating treatment and is a little more intense then regular brushing. Only use this technique on dry scalp and hair.

Step 1

Remove all of your tangles starting from the ends moving towards the scalp. This may be done with a wide tooth comb, boar brush, or our favourite a tangle teezer

Step 2

Stand straight and bend over. Firmly grasp the brush and start brushing from the very back of the neck sweeping down. Continue to move along the perimeter of the neck as you continue up to the back of the ears. You may tilt your head left to right as you brush. This should not hurt- so feel free to adjust the pressure to what feels good for you.

Step 3

Slowly come up and stand straight. Brush from the hairline to the back of the neck. Repeat this process up to three times.

Step 4

If you experience flakes and dryness shake them out. You may also apply a scalp oil to help calm and hydrate. If you apply a healing oil please ensure you wash it out within 24-48hrs

Step 5

If you applied a oil and want to add a extra release in tension grab a scalp massager! Work in circular motions starting at the perimeter of the hairline and working in towards the crown. Take deep breaths in and enjoy this special act of self care.

I hope that you now have the information to renew your self care routine. If you require any tools to perform this ritual please click here to shop our favourite tools.

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