The Power Of Gua Sha

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves gently scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. When used on the scalp we do not scrape but instead use it as a form of acupressure. This ancient Chinese healing technique offers a wide range of health benefits and can be done all over the body to reduce stress, improve circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage. Gua Sha tools that are used on the scalp can have up to four different sides and look like a wide tooth comb.

How Does Gua Sha Benefit The Scalp?

Reduces Stress

The slow movement and gentle touch of the Gua sha tool are deeply relaxing, instantly activating our parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous state. When we’re feeling grounded in our bodies and calm through our mind, we can handle emotional issues or obstacles that come our way more easily with self awareness and ease. Using Gua Sha as a medium to tune in to ourselves more fully transforms this cosmetic treatment into a truly stress relieving and grounding ritual.

Increases Circulation

The gentle stimulation of the scalp will help increase blood flow to the hair follicle which in turn will aid in hair growth and follicle retention. We forget that our hair is much like a plant and the scalp is the soil in which it grows. The more nutrients/oxygen that the hair follicle can receive from the blood supply the stronger and healthier your hair will be.

Reduces Tension

Our scalp has four muscles that can create tension when we are stressed. Gua sha will help gently relax all of these muscles when used strategically. When tension occurs for long periods of time the hair can be directly effected. 90% of hair loss is caused by tension or lack of circulation. It is important that when we are stressed not to forget about our scalp.

Lymphatic Drainage/ Detoxification

This manual movement stimulates our lymphatic system, helping our organs function optimally by breaking up stagnation, flowing debris and toxins within the body for easier expulsion.

Gua Sha At Home

Curious? Want to see this amazing tool in action?!

Watch this amazing video from our friend Lori the owner of Hui Hui Essentials to see how you can easily incorporate one of our favourite tools for the scalp at home.

Watch Now

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