To Wash, Or Not To Wash?

Hair training can feel like a frustrating and impossible thing to navigate. Some people tell you to wash at least every three days while others tell you to delay washing for as long as possible.

The tricky thing is that there isn't a one size fits all to hair training.

We have outlined our favourite tips and ways to troubleshoot the process to discover what will work best for you!

Brush Your Scalp

What many clients forget is that sebum and products that have been sitting on the scalp need to be moved around to prevent scalp issues. Our sebum is our friend to help hydrate our ends but it can cause scalp issues and even hair loss if it sits on the scalp too long. Brushing with a boar bristle & nylon brush (like this one here) will help move your sebum and product to the ends, help exfoliate your scalp, and of course spread out your washes. Do not underestimate the power of brushing your hair. Lightly brush morning and night to help maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great tool to use to help you spread out your washes, but be sure to know when to stop and just wash those luscious locks. Dry shampoo when overused or not brushed out can cause clogged pores, dandruff, flakes, and even irritation. We love to apply dry shampoo on clean hair as it will gradually absorb our oils and act as a voluminous styling agent. Be sure to use a dry shampoo with limited ingredients to prevent irritation and itching. If you experience itching that cannot be relieved by brushing its probably time to wash!

Pre-cleanse with a oil

Many people use oil cleansers on their face so why not on your scalp. We love using a our favourite Hui hui oil after brushing and 8-10 hrs before shampooing to help balance the scalp. Some other benefits to pre-cleansing the hair are as follows:

  • Hair follicle retention

  • Acne prevention

  • Hydrating

  • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial (prevent dandruff)

  • Helps balance & reduce natural oil production

  • Helps detangle and repair damage

Wash Twice

If you find that you are having to wash your hair everyday you may want to try washing those luscious locks twice. The first wash will help remove oil, products, and debris. While the second lather will cleanse the scalp and remove anything that may be lingering on the hair or scalp. We have found this approach is beneficial for those with increased oil production, those pre-cleansing, heavy product users, or people stretching out their washes to once a week.


If you are someone that uses a lot of product or products that are not water soluble you may be feeling greasy quickly. Many clients who were using low quality products with waxes noticed that they felt greasy within hours of washing. Clarifying will help remove any build-up of products or oils on the hair and scalp and can be done once a month to help alleviate this issue.

I know what you're wash or not to wash? Just answer the question! However its just not that simple. Everyone has a unique lifestyle, scalp, hair density, texture and oil production that contributes to how often one should wash. We suggest experimenting with these tips and tricks to find the perfect wash schedule for you. Tune in- let your hair and scalp guide the way.

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