Top 3 Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is here again!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for static, frizz, and dry hair!

We have put together our top 3 simple ways to reduce your hair’s winter woes.

What causes these seasonal hair problems to happen?

The colder temperatures, lack of moisture in the air, heated indoor environments and the friction from your toques all play a part in creating winter hair woes. The major way to combat seasonal dryness is to find more ways to add moisture to your hair.

Top 3 ways to add moisture:

1. Serums or Oils

Serums are our favourite thing to keep handy in our handbags to quickly tame the mane.

Serums leave a lighter coating on the hair and penetrate the cuticle more to help maintain moisture balance. If a serum isn't enough a hair oil rich in fatty acids such as avocado oil or tamanu oil is a great but heavier alternative. We absolutely love to travel with our Virtue Split end serum for convenience and at home have on hand the Harmonic Healing oil from Innersense. You can apply both products to wet and dry hair.

2. Leave-in Conditioners

A leave-in will help hydrate those dry ends and smooth the hair cuticle. It's a very important product to apply before blow-drying the hair to help reduce the loss of natural moisture and prevent damage. It will also protect your hair and its colour from the harsh UV rays. We believe it’s a beauty must have for all clients. Our leave-ins can be doubled as a serum and applied to both wet and dry hair. Who doesn't love versatility!? Our personal favourites are the In Common leave in and the Innersense Sweet Spirit leave -in.

3. Humidifier

Don’t want to bother with another hair product? Add moisture to the air at work or at home.

Humidifiers are best for large spaces and it’s even better if you have it built into your home furnace. If you don’t have that luxury a simple way to do this in any space like our studio is by using a diffuser. Diffusing has many health benefits one important one is adding moisture to the air.

If you want more ways to help you combat dryness and frizz you can also check out our other blog here !

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