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Colour Services:

Prices include blow dry and basic style. Every botanical babe has unique needs and the amount of colour used is dependant on the individual. We strive to offer the most detailed customization possible while realizing no two clients have the same amount of hair and should be charged accurately.


Root-Touch up:

$105 ( 120min)

Colour is only applied to regrowth. This service is not for blondes or lightening


All over Colour:

$150 (150min)

Colour is applied from root to ends. This service is not for blondes or lightening 


Feature Piece Highlight:

$105 (90min)

Small section of hair or area is highlighted


Partial Highlight:

$170 (150 min)

Sun-kissed blonde. This service focuses on areas where light naturally hits the hair and area around the face. 


Full Highlight:

$270 (210 min)

This will be a more intense look than a partial and will allow for more areas to be enhanced.

(full head)


Corrective Colour:

$100/hr (not able to book online)

This is for more intricate hair designs and to correct the hair from previous work, or to achieve your hair goal in one visit.


*PLEASE NOTE: Colour match required before placing order.*


Braid-less Weave Basic install :


Braid-less Weave Sewn in Install :


Braid-less Weave Removal:

$75.00 ( 60min)

includes shampoo and blow-dry

Intro Package

$220 : (retail value = $390.00)

For the first time extension user or for clients who recently purchased new locks. This package does not include hair cost or installation costs. This package was created to give you everything you require to properly maintain your investment. One time offer only.

The following  package includes:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Silke Hair Wrap

2 move ups-maintenance

Tangle Teazer or Boar Bristle Brush

Hair Coaching Session + assessment

Hair Consultation

$55.00 (45 mins)

*Initial session required for new clients* to book any additional services with their personal Hair Coach. 


First session includes:

Scalp Assessment, Patch Test for Allergies, Strand Test, Hair Goal Setting, and a Swag Bag

Hair Cuts:

Botanical Babe Maintenance :

$75.00 (60min)

Minimal length removed. This service will help you maintain and  create your desired shape of cut.

We will also remove split ends and clean up your fringe at this time.

Botanical Babe Transformation:

$95.00 (90 min)

2” or more is removed all while creating a new and exciting shape. This is considered a big change or a time to build a new style. We will help you learn how to style your new look and remove any additional split ends that may still be lingering on your luscious locks.

Botanical Man:

$55.00 (45min)

Removal of length and creation of style.


Botanical Bang Trim :

$ 10.00 (15 min)

Cleaning up fringe and adding dimension to the front layers.

Botanical Clean-up:

FREE ( 15min)

Any botanical babe that has received a service with us in the last 8 weeks is entitled to this complimentary clean up. At this time we can make any adjustments to their style, remove split ends , trim up their fringe, and re-evaluate hair goals with us.

Special Occasion

Simple Style:

$75.00 (60min)

Includes thermal styling, down or half up.

Intricate up-do:

$95.00 (90min)

Includes thermal styling and intricate pinning, braiding etc. We will also provide you with emergency hair pins to take with you during your special event.